Our role of real estate expert must, like an investigator, make an investigation to define the value of a property by taking into account all the parameters being able to influence in a direction or in another on the value of the property.

We intervene in a wide variety of contexts: in the context of the implementation of for sale or for purchase of a real estate property, in that of a succession of a donation of the asset valuation ...

It is therefore necessary to carry out a real investigation of the property concerned at all levels:

- Legal (right of way, easement...)

- Administrative (the mortgage condition, the land…)

- Urbanistics (cadastral plans, local urbanism plan...)

- Technical (structural disorders of a building ....)

thus allowing to highlight the specific qualities of each property and avoid any litigation.
This investigation leads to the writing of a report and a dated and signed conclusion

The methodologies used are those defined by the "charter of the expertise in real estate evaluation", consigned by the most representative organizations of real estate experts.

Finally, we must respect a code of ethics and a strict line of conduct, particularly in terms of independence, impartiality and discretion.

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Chamber of real estate experts of France


Real estate expert approved by the Chamber of real estate experts of France
Guaranteed by MMA GRAS SAVOYE quai de Dion Bouton 92 814 PUTEAUX, for an amount of €2,000,000 per claim and per insurance year under policy number 120 145 975.

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